Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wednesday... We are still going strong!

This is Biku and Aida.  They are the only houseparents of Eagle's Wings at this time... They are really pioneers here in Albania.  A set foster care system is really unheard of here in this country.  Please pray for this special, Godly couple.  They are seeking to serve the Lord in a country where they feel very much hopelessness and corruptness.  We loved getting to meet with them yesterday for several hours and hear their story.  I know many of you will be praying for them as well and would love to put a face with a prayer!  Alda, the executive director of Eagle's Wings is currently working with church leaders here to find other couples that are willing to take in girls (some who want to escape trafficking), in a foster care style set up.  She has met with 10 couples, these families are truly pioneers.. please, please pray this system will spread like wildfire as orphans are basically on their own at age 15. 

Today we are meeting together with Beverly to work and discuss Eagle's Wings' and  their current set up, situation, goals from a business perspective and all they are facing here.  Please pray for this organization and for financial support that God will provide!

When we leave here we will be checking out of the hotel and traveling south to Berat.  We will be arriving late afternoon to Berat and visit a castle there that is said to be built in 1200 AD.. this will be a treat.  During communism's harsh reign here, many, many buildings were torn down for government block style buildings, while Berat was named a historical city.  Many of its buildings remain and is said to be one of the most beautiful in Europe.  We will be staying in homes of church members there and doing work with church members.  On Friday, we will be leading a women's retreat which we are thrilled about.  This is our biggest project while here and cannot wait.  Would you be praying to prepare our hearts, Beverly's heart as she prepares to speak, and the women's hearts that they will be receptive to hear from the Lord.  We want to shower them and love of them.. we have brought many treats, gifts, and presents but most importantly, the love of Christ to share with common believers!

We love you all.  I hope to add pictures...

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