Thursday, October 4, 2012


We are here in Berat. We found a place for lunch that has wifi so this will be brief as I am typing on an iPhone. We had a wonderful morning in a school and a hospital.

It was a very big deal we were allowed in the school at all. Remember this is a country that is out of communism 20 years ago. In the school we passed out small first aid kits and dental kits. These students were very receptive to all of us. Of course we were not allowed to speak of our faith , however this is wonderful for the church here as they build rapport with the community.

In the hospital, we went to the children's floor and passes out small toys, coloring books, crayons and mints. Here we were able to pray with families. Many have been told by the doctors there they have no diagnosis for their child. They were all grateful for the prayers and many mothers were in tears as we offered God's peace and comfort. Many just needed a hug.

The most touching floor was the maternity ward. We prayed with new mothers. Many are 2-3 women to a room including family members. In hospitals here the family brings the patients bedding and food. Many doctors unfortunately work on a bribe system so many patients go unseen or are forgotten. Several rooms had 4-5 women. These were women on bedrest and some had even suffered miscarriages. It was a blessing for us to pray with them. The women of the Disciples of Jesus church were with us in groups and would translate for us. Beautiful prayers to our common Savior!  Praise The Lord for his provision on all of us!

We love you all!

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