Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Long Day

It's been a long day here in Tirana... so much to tell but we will at some time later.

A quick summary:
Several a dorm style housing building that is for orphans that age out of regular orphanages.  One lady lives there with her husband and two children... there is no where for them to go.  This was a hard visit for many of us.  These would be compared to a slum or condemned building in the United States.  The people we met with were just grateful for the visit.

Another group attended a women's bible study that would be compared to a MOPS study.  Those that attended were inspired by the women's knowledge of scripture.

In the afternoon:
One group met with the houseparents of Eagles Wings and had a fabulous time hearing their call to serve the Lord.  The father also serves for Bible League and they are planting churches all over Albania.  God is at work in this country!

Another group did the in home visits at the Roma Gypsy Community.  This left them speechless at the conditions.  Nurse Abby was able to provide medical advice to those there and a listening ear.

We will be traveling south to Berat tomorrow. 

Please help us pray for a few names we met today.  Kleya and Alexia, two girls we met in the dorm community.  Tani, their father.  And most of all, Pullumb, a 20 year old living in the dorm and was speechless that anyone would even come to visit him.  Most of all, he wants a family that will love him.  Alda, the executive director, will be visiting him again.  And the parents of Eagles Wings', Biku and Aida.

We love you all!

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