Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Convict (dorm) in Tirana

Meet Kleya and Alexia with their dad Tani.  These little girls and their father happened to run into us the day we visited the dorm in Tirana.  This dorm or 'convict' pronounced "con-veeckt" is a place where orphans go that age out of the orphanages in Albania.  This man, Tani has lived there with his wife since she was 15.  At age 15, orphans can no longer stay in orphanages, so if there is no family to take them in, there are "dorms" available for these teenagers to go to.  Tani and his wife have lived there for 22 years.  They have no one.  Now, when we think of a dorm, we think of a college dorm with an RA where students are monitored.  Erase that from your mind and imagine an unsupervised slum of sorts with no adult supervision.  Squatters are left alone to find an empty room which they come in an inhabit with their humble belongings.  This family of 4 lived in a one room apartment.  Kleya happened to have slept late that morning and was home from school... it was a gift from the Lord to meet her. 

Here enters the story of Paloomb.  Paloomb is a 20 year old living alone in a tiny room the size of a closet.  Here is talking with Alda, he called us back over to his window as we were leaving.  He was surprised that a group of people would come to talk with him, just to visit.  He has desires for his life to be somebody and shared all he wants is a family to love him.  Alda vowed to go back and visit him soon.  I am certain she already has.  He has lived there for 5 years, and he said in those 5 years, no one has EVER come to check on him.  Every belonging was neatly arranged and he was even sweeping his humble room.  He said he would do anything for a family.

This was on the wall outside of Paloomb's room...

These are just two stories of our journey in Albania.  Please pray for these special people as we will be also.  We are all forever changed by meeting them.  Please pray for Alda as she plans to begin a bible study there in the convict with these families.


  1. Thank you ladies for sharing Jesus' love and compassion with these "fatherless" people. May they come to know how far, deep and wide is their Heavenly Father's love for them.