Tuesday, October 2, 2012

ABC Family Healthy Clinic

This morning we met Dr. Guy who is an American Doctor who has been working here for 11 years.  He helps run a clinic that offers Family Health Care, which is unusal in Albania.  He had time to share with us the vision to train doctors here to treat with the family healthy care approach, but most doctors are specialists that work by receiving bribes from families to treat patients.  We had a time of prayer with Dr. Guy.  Would you pray for Dr. Guy this morning and his ABC Family Health Clinic?  Also for a lady named Eralda, who is in charge of continuing ed at the medical university.  She is a believer that shares the vision of western ideas in treating patients, which is foreign to the medical community here.

Nurse Abby went with a group of women today and Jen, a worker that works with Dr. Guy at the clinic, they have gone into the Roma Gypsy village to do home visits with families there. 

The rest of us are at Beverly's apartment today working on sorting all of our wonderful supplies so many of you donated and helped send.  We literally have twice as much of our belongings that we broiught for ourselves that we brought that can be used here.  Medical supplies, dental supplies, clothes for children, toys for children, candy, books, craft supplies for our women's retreat at the end of the week... you name it, we've got it.

Later today, we will be visitng a dorm that houses orphans that have aged out of orpahanges or are not in orphanages yet.  We also have with us today Alda, who is the Executive director of Eagle's Wings.  Would you also pray for Alda as she leads this group home? 

Also, Austin has encouraged us to just pray silently at all times where we go.. We are just lifting this country in prayer at all times.  Would you pray for Albania too?

We love you all!

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